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2018 Price List

Our 2018 Price List is now available. Items are marked as to availability, as well as new varieties, and discontinued stock. Please email us with any questions.



The only self-fertile hardy kiwi, is less vigorous than other kiwi’s which enables it to be grown in gardens with limited space. This has been known to fruit in its first year. Blossom in Spring-fall fruiting. Bite sized ‘fuzz’ free. As a patio plant, requires support, set outside during the summer and move indoors in the winter.

1GAL – $25.00 Available May 2018

Welcome 2018!

It is years, such as 2017 why we have so many varieties. With a cool/wet spring (at blossom time), then a hot and dry (normal August) summer with September giving only 25% normal rainfall and now almost record breaking cold. Such a diverse year of temperature and precipitation swings (the new normal?) if you have different varieties you have a better chance of having a good harvest.

Lizz took multiple images of our blossoms last spring, but at best only half bore fruit. This was the 3rd year of our maturing garden, so as they establish they will become less stressed during spring and summer due to weather issues. Having indoor space, whether window-sill, sun-room or greenhouse, extends the growing and therefore the harvest season. In prior years we have grown Citrus, Coffea, and Pineapples on our window-sills.

We have been picking Citrus and will continue for at least 2 more months. Now at the turn of the new year the Coffea cherries are starting to turn red. They are very edible, but save the seed! They are after all, Coffee beans. With over a foot (30cm) of snow on the ground, a couple of rabbits are using our plants as a buffet; just munching the buds and growing tips off of  whatever is tall enough to be above the snow line. This has not been an issue due to very little, to no standing snow in the prior 4 years. So with 2018 catalogues arriving, be sure to plan for natures weather by having different varieties to mature at different times.

Take time to view our new listings for 2018 (List up shortly!). We will be discontinuing some varieties on our 2017 list to make room, so if you really want a certain variety make sure to let us know soon! We will not be shipping any dormant plant material until spring.

A note to our readers: We have recorded lows of -23.7c this winter, this is at the lower end of zone 6 survival temperatures. Be prepared for some plants to have succumbed to this cold. Burlap wrapped plants, or ones in sheds or garages usually take temperatures down this low for an occasional night. With this sustained cold, frost will creep into what protection you have given them. Try not to let them ‘thaw’ out too quickly, slow and steady may bring them through.