June 27 2018 Garden Update

Well finally getting some rain, that should help fatten up the veggies. Wonderful thing about Haskap’s ready before main summer heat, therefore not needing June rains. Garden overall looking good, some blister mite showing up on the Pears, so will treat them this coming week.

Yes, we have managed to find a non industrial Apiarist, Brian, who is just starting his career as a fifth generation Bee Keeper, learning and keeping the traditional ways alive. His families Facebook page; “Wright’s Apiaries Wainfleet“. We have just a single small hive at this time, but over the next few weeks probably up to two more should show up. Should help keep the Beans, Peas, Tomatoes, Raspberries, Strawberries and Blackberries pollinated. Carrots (Enterprise) are sweet and crunchy, beets (Merlin) almost there, first Peas (Lincoln) 30% picked. Will start Broccoli harvest this week as well as Leek (Tadorna). Also harvesting; Tomato (Defiant-Siderno), Radish (Roxanne-French Breakfast), Eur Greenhouse Cuc’s (Camaro-Carmen), Strawberry (Elan-Toscana-Rainbow Treasure), Lettuce (Odyssey-Skyphos) and herbs (Basil Sweet-Martina Genovese, Summer Savory, Parsley Gigante D’Italian-Forest Green) and Spinach (New Zealand). Great time of year to eat the benefits from the effort we all put in earlier.

Garden Photo Update June 15 2018

Garden Photo Update June 7, 2018