For Sale: 3 Gal - $123.12
Sunlight: PartialGrowth Rate: MediumDrought Tolerance: Mild
Full Size (WxH): 3m x 1mIdeal Min Temp: 10'C (50'F)Min Temp Tolerated: 0'C (32'F)
Fruit Colour: RedHarvest: All YearYear(s) to bear fruit: 3
Prop. Method: Seed/CuttingFertility: SelfChill Hours Required: N/A
Description: While the actual taste of the fruit's pulp & juice are subtle, it is the consumption of foods after having the berry that is surprising. Lasting for 30 minutes to two hours, all foods become magically sweet! Vinegar tastes like sweet wine, lemons taste like lemon candy, cauliflower like sweet apple & tomatoes sweeter than ever! This effect can assist those who are looking to intake more food & calories, such as chemotherapy patients who have lost their appetite due to the metallic taste food tends to get after chemo treatment. The effects of the glyco protein masks the metallic taste so that eating can become more appealing. This can help greatly with malnourishment as enjoyment in food can be found once again. The plants are best grown in containers and they can remain in a seven gallon pot indefinitely.

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