Garden Update w/ Photos!

Cold is starting to set in, so time to bring your ‘tender’ plants indoors for winter. Leave your deciduous plants out until all their leaves have senesced, then place in a cool place for winter. Those who have Olea bushes, they need a cool and also light area as their leaves store their energy until spring.

So ‘is this a good time to prune’, yes if evergreen tender plants. Remove any crossing or damaged shoots first. Then prune to just above a node to your required height/shape. If fruit bearing, allow fruit to ripen before shaping.

Musa can also be pruned if much to tall or wide. There some pictures to show results and regrowth. Second year plants cut as high up as possible to (hopefully) miss taking out the flower bud.

Citrus should mostly have some fruit & blossoms. Blossoms will need to be hand pollinated, easily done in middle of day when pollen is most viable, with a small paint brush. Just dab from blossom to blossom. Does not matter if you cross pollinate or not. Give plant as much light as possible, and as with all evergreen plants rotate them when checking for water needs. Feed about every 6<8 watering’s.

When bringing your plants inside, check for any problems. If there are pest issues then treat then and there, do not wait as they can ‘explode’ when in the calm environment of your home. I have attached some photo’s of a couple of other friends to keep an eye out for.

Yes the frog is native to Ontario, so is used to our climate. Our greenhouse ones do not hibernate, just slow down. Egg cases of Praying mantis can be kept (if nice and dry) in a cool place so they do not hatch prematurely.

Yes, we still have a few plants for seasonal gifts to the gardeners in your family. Never to late to ask Santa for that special gift:)