Care of Ficus (Figs) (Deciduous)

  • They can be container grown as a tree or pruned and grown as a bush. They fruit on the current year’s growth. This allows the plant to fruit even if it froze to the ground during winter months.
  • For inground plants, location is paramount. Heat is the main reason, planting near a wall or near a solid surface such as patio slabs or a driveway will help give fruit what they need to ripen. Container grown plants need the same treatment but their roots prefer the shade of their leaves. This helps to keep them moist, vital to swell those delicious fruits.
  • Figs need a good, fertile, free draining soil that stays damp in the summer, but drier in the winter. A good, well balanced feed with trace elements as soon as growth starts. Plenty of light for balanced growth. 
  • Prune (early spring) to shape and keep plant manageable. If you have prunings that have 6-8 ‘eyes’, about 12” long, then simply insert them approximately half way into the soil in a semi shaded area, water in, and keep moist. Roots and shoots should start to appear after about 3-5 weeks.
  • Depending on variety, Ficus do best with 150-200 chill hrs.

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