Care of Persimmon (Deciduous)

  • Mature trees may produce up to 250 fruits per year and usually alternate between heavy & lighter fruiting years.
  • Astringent fruits have to be eaten soft to be good and non-astringent can be eaten firm.
  • Softening & astringency removal can be done by freezing or drying the fruits.

Full sun for maximum fruit production

Spread organic fertilizer 3 times a year.

1. January/February (while dormant) – 0.5 kg for young trees and 1.5 kg for trees 3+ years old.
2. June – 0.25 kg per tree for young trees and 0.75 kg for trees 3+ years old.
3. September – 0.25 kg per tree for young trees and 0.75 kg for trees 3+ years old.

Not recommended to plant in the ground in Canada, due to climate zone issue.

Main pruning is done in the winter when the trees are dormant. It is done to maintain a round canopy, remove cross branching and rejuvenate the tree so that it may produce more fruits. Fruits will grow from the last few buds on a twig.
A secondary pruning may be done in the summer to thin the canopy and allow more light penetration.

Recommended to keep only 1-4 fruits per shoot. This will allow the tree to make larger fruits and be able to carry them without breaking the twigs.

Hard scales may occur on the trunks and branches and can be removed in the winter, during dormancy, by spraying neem oil.

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