Garden update, with lots of photos!

Well nearly the end of February, everyone is going through their catalogues and wish list’s, trying to match them up. What a marvelous time of year. If your house and/or greenhouse have Citrus then like us, you are suffering with the heavy scent of blossoms wafting through the air. Do not forget to pollinate around midday, an artists brush gently stroked over anthers and stigmas does the trick nicely. Your reward will be fruit in July-Nov. Any not in bud will usually come into blossom April-May.

In about 3-4 weeks we will be able to start spring pruning and tidying up. Our first seeds are sown and germinated, Strawberries need an early start to blossom and fruit by June. Next will be Leeks, Onions then Lettuce, and Tomatoes followed by Broccoli at the end of March.

Weather forecast is still typical for the time of year, although we are down on total precipitation for January and so far through February.

Only a few weeks left to order from our Pine Island plant offering. We already have a couple of orders, and look forward over the next three weeks helping to put clients wishes into reality.

2019 Product Availability Now Up!

Tropic of Canada​ is happy to announce our product lists and pricing for 2019!

AND! As a special bonus for everyone, we are offering a 10% discount on all product pre-ordered before March 14th.

Yes, whether from our regular list or the new Pine Island list, those who order early will have their reward! So go ahead, indulge yourself, and forget the weather outside. Think of summer; reaching out and picking your favourite fruit straight off the tree.

Pine Island plants will be here at Tropic of Canada for mid to end of May. All pre-orders will require a 50% deposit, to be received by March 31st. We will email you to confirm your order has been received, and give you instructions for your deposit. Any questions, or to place your order, email us at: