Week III

A couple of brighter days and the garden is in! The tomatoe plants started in the cold greenhouse really shot up (4’+) with a few warmer days. Fruit set looks quite good. Apples now coming into their own with 21 of 42 varieties in pink bud/blossom. All fruit trees have had a first spray with BT, four days after an application of field mite preventor – Neoseiulus Fallacis. This is a native type, so will establish over time.

We now have Red & Black Currants, Gooseberries, Apricots, Plums, and Haskaps set. Pears we will know in about 2-3 weeks. Peas, Beans, Beetroot, and Potatoes are emerging from the still cool, damp soil. Celery, Leeks and Onions rooting out nicely. Early Broccoli showing signs of Curd formation. Nearly finished the ‘pot’ grown Radish, Carrots, Peas, Onions, Lettuce, Cucumber and Tomatoes. Just need the weather to stay warm and watch the garden spring to life!

Week II

With April weather still here, everything in the garden is at a stand still. Radish have poked their heads above the soil, but have not appreciated the weather so have gone no further. With all the rain and cool temperatures, any slight breaks in the weather bring out the hungry bees to find the blossoms still (surprisingly) hanging in there.

Patio plants in pots are hunkered down under frost cloths, and not showing much sign of growth. Awaiting those warm days of summer to ‘spring’ into growth. Should be a weather change this week. Full moon on the 10th (Wednesday), so things should dry out, warm up and bring a smile back to us all.

May 1st 2017

May 1st 2017, the 3rd year with our new garden. What a welcome! Rain and cold, gale force winds. Lots of blossom this year, so the windy, wet weather is not welcome at this time. In between the showers of late April we managed to have most of first crops sown in the Vegetable garden. So if they have not drowned, should be up by the middle of the month.

We have Tomatoes and Melons growing in pots ready to plant out after the full moon in May. All thirty new outside fruit trees are showing signs of waking up. The twenty new indoor citrus are growing and showing new blossoms. With all the good come the spring issues, so we will be getting whitefly predators to help, and using a spray containing B.T. to start the never ending fight with any type of caterpillars.