For Sale: 3 Gal - $97.96
Sunlight: Growth Rate: Drought Tolerance: No
Full Size (WxH): 2m x 1.5mIdeal Min Temp: Min Temp Tolerated: 0'C (32'F)
Fruit Colour: YellowHarvest: Sept-AprYear(s) to bear fruit: 3
Prop. Method: Fertility: Chill Hours Required:
Description: Native to Amazonian Brazil, an extremely rare guava family fruit that is not widely known. A small, bushy, multi-stemmed tree that can be maintained at under 2m (6') or trained as a standard with a single trunk. Its outstretched weeping branches produce numerous round fruit that look like hanging tennis balls. The sweet fruit are very acidic with a pH similar to that of lemons, resulting in a sour taste when eaten raw. After removing the seeds, the yellowish-green pulp can be used in a variety of ways, such as juice, jam, ice-creams, hot sauce and even liquor. Boil quickly however, as the flavour is easily lost when cooked. Fruits are best harvested while green or just turning yellow, as they bruise easily if harvested when mature. Contains a moderate amount of macro & micro nutrients such as vitamins C, B and E. In a serving of Araza there is 2x the amount of vitamin C compared to a serving of oranges.
For Sale: 5 Gal - $243.82
Sunlight: FullGrowth Rate: MediumDrought Tolerance: No
Full Size (WxH): 5m x 3mIdeal Min Temp: 15'C (59'F)Min Temp Tolerated: 5'C (41'F)
Fruit Colour: Light Beige/Brown/GreenHarvest: Sept-NovYear(s) to bear fruit: 4-5
Prop. Method: Grafted/SeedFertility: Self, better with second varietyChill Hours Required: 100 hrs below 15'C (60'F)
Description: The name "Allspice" is due to the fact that its flavour resembles a combination of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. It is often used in pumpkin pie. Culinary uses include flavouring for sauces, pickles, sausages and soups. Extracted oil is used for flavouring and perfumery. The wood is used for canes, umbrella handles, and to add flavour to barbecue.

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