Oct 29th 2017 – week 44

Branches break if you have too much fruit (weight) per branch. Not all is lost when fruit is ripe!

Strawberries ripe for Halloween! First time for everything.

Warm weather with welcomed rain keeping things growing. Fresh herbs ready for drying, third crop this season (Lavender & Sage).

Get to know our figs!

Get to know our figs! While from afar they may look the same, they each have a unique leaf. Which one is your favorite?

October 22 2017

Checking on the Yacon growth. Not yet time to harvest. Tubers are increasing in size, but no flavour yet. Wait until the tops die down to harvest!

Psidium Cattleynanum – Strawberry Guava. Coming 2018. Yes, they really do taste like strawberries! Shown next to an egg for size reference.

Is it really October, Friday 13th???

Yes, all taken today- even the Pomegranate Salavatski!