Come Join Us! Our Final Open House of the Summer – August 24th.

It’s our last open house of the summer! Beat the fall rush, and join us for a stroll through the garden. We have many plants still available – though the selection changes everyday! If you have your eye on something specific, please email: to reserve your plants ahead of time.

Garden Update!

Just a few photo’s to show how the garden looks after the Summer heat. Vegetables are just about done, either eaten or laid down for the winter.

Melons and Tomato’s are about the only summer plants still producing. Trees fruits, those that set in the wet spring are thinking about swelling after we finally had the rain we had been waiting for.

With all the tanks full again, plenty to water our potted trees and shrubs. All will be receiving their ‘top dress’ of slow release fertilizer this month.

Then we start the fall pruning to keep our orchard within our reach, nothing over 8′ tall. Good time to ensure no pest or diseases are lurking.