February Availability Order Form & Ironbridge Delivery

You asked, we answered! To make it easier for our clients, we are creating order forms you can complete and return to us by email. Order forms can be accessed either through our Facebook Group: or requested by email. At this time, they do not upload correctly to the website, but when that changes we’ll let you know.

We have also confirmed we are heading to Ironbridge Saturday, March 31st. If you are on route, now’s the time to order! Complete the above order form, and send that, with  your address and we’ll get you a delivery quote. Who wants to wait until spring to start gardening, order today!

February 17, 2018 Update


Sunlight at last after days of cloud and snow! We have 20 types of citrus, in blossom or bud. You can imagine the scent every morning! Not all types we have in blossom or fruit are available this season. It is always best to have a good selection on hand to extend your season and helps when Nature throws different weather at us to have at least one or two varieties to fill the gap. There is nothing more frustrating than missing a pollination event due to weather, and having to wait a full 12 months to see what happens next time!

These are our Citrus varieties that are still in Fruit:

Lemons: Meyer, Lisbon, Eureka & Ponderosa.
Orange: Moro, Calamondin, Pineapple, Midsweet, Lane Late & Valencia.
Grapefruit: Flame.
Lime: Keylime.
Mandarin: Fina Sodea.
Tangerine: Sunburst.

February 1st 2018 Photo Update