Garden and Plant Availability Update

Well Harris Citrus sent their usual excellent plants, and UPS did their normal, ‘we do not look at the arrows to see which way up to stack the boxes’. So we have plants a couple of weeks later than expected, which will therefore take a couple of weeks at least to shake off their travel creases.

With the good weather forecast ahead, they should be ready for pick-up or delivery mid to end of May. It seems we will have a few extra plants in 2GAL pots available, one of each. These are on a first contact, first booked basis. We will be notifying clients with pre-orders this coming week.

From the photo’s, the discerning persons out there will notice our Ficus plants have not yet shown signs of awakening out of dormancy. We therefore are putting on hold any early shipments until they shows signs of growth. Also, we will not take any more reservations for dormant plants.

We have had just under 5″ or 125 mm of mixed precipitation this month (average is 3″ or 75 mm) so it is a wonder we have been able to get the garden dug over and the first few crops in. Lots to follow this next week. Our next batch of garden plants have arrived from Whiffletree Farms. All now safely planted. Will post list this next week.

Photo Update April 22 2018

Don’t be afraid to cut back plants that have out grown their space, or you’d like to encourage to bush out. Even our large coffea plant gets this treatment! 

Photo Update Week 14