Starfruit Loaded With Blossom!

Our Starfruit are looks fantastic, and enjoying their new Canadian environment! Lots of blossom, and fruit starting to set. Be sure to reserve yours quickly; plants in flower always go quick!

Plant Delays

After 2 successful trips stateside to pick up our plants, we have hit a delay on our third. Unfortunately the truck has broken down, and Phill & Steph are awaiting a new part before they can resume their trip. It is a holiday weekend in the US, so we’re looking at Tuesday at the earliest for repair. We’ll keep you posted, and let you know once they have resumed their trip to Pine Island Nursery.

1st Trip Success!

They’re back! Phill & Steph successfully completed their first round trip across the border! Michelle & Keith will be spending the next few days sorting, organizing, and then contacting those whose complete orders have arrived. Please have patience as there are a LOT of plants, and just a few of us!

Picked up in this trip were our orders from Camellia Forest Nursery, A Natural Farm, Agri-Starts, and Harris Citrus Nursery!

Phill & Steph plan to head out again Wednesday, all things permitting for our second run 😊
If you missed out on the pre-order, fear not! Our spring 2022 on hand reservation list is live! Quantities update as plants are claimed – reserve early to ensure you don’t miss out! >>


It’s Ready! View The Spring 2022 Availability List Now!

It’s Ready!

We’ve tallied the numbers, looked at our available space, and compiled the spring on hand availability list. These plants are available for reservation, and will be ready mid to late May for pick up or delivery. Before you ask: YES! Pre-Order Clients, you can still add to your orders! The cut-off date to do so is Saturday, May 14th. The new list reflects the current 2022 pricing, and your additional items will be invoiced accordingly. Adding to your order may increase your delivery fee as well, we’ll let you know. For deliveries outside of the 4hr local boundaries, individual arrangements will be made. Happy shopping!

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Yes, Bigger Sizes Are Now Available!

Another advantage of now having our own truck; we can also pick up from growers south of the border ourselves! This allows us to have greater control over the costs of transport, as well as ensuring the plants receive the care they need on transport to arrive in good condition. Hence, we can now bring in those larger sizes you keep asking for! Check out the 4gal Persimmon in the above photo. Save yourself a few years of growing by purchasing a well established, larger plant and enjoy your bounty sooner!

Persimmons Are Coming!

Thanks to our good friends at ‘A Natural Farm‘, we are able to offer a small selection of Persimmons for the 2022 spring season. 
After confirming their inventory, they are able to offer us three varieties at this time: Fuyu, Hana Fuyu, and Saijo. These plants will be larger than we normally ask for, they are in 4 Gallon containers, and 4-5 ft tall. They will cost approx $95. Limited quantities are available, so reserve ASAP! Those who pre-book now will lock in the price at $95. 

Reserve your Persimmons HERE!

It’s LIVE! The Spring 2022 Pre-Order is OPEN!

Welcome to our interactive pre-order list for 2022.

 Hopefully our best yet!A big thank-you to our son who has been burning the midnight oil for quite a few weeks. Plants will be subject to availability, in order of reservation. Selectable quantities are limited to what we have been told is available.

As well as our own propagation we have ordered from 7 of the best in the USA: Agristarts, Pine Island, A Natural Farm, Camellia Forest Products, Harris Citrus, Everglades Farm and Tropical Acres. 
We have made our best guess in regard to sizes and prices. Suppliers and shippers have yet to confirm for 2022 due to supply chain and staffing issues in 2021. We will contact all clients with reservations beginning in March 2022. At that time varieties, sizes and prices will be confirmed. To continue as an order, a 50% deposit will then be required. 

Please let us know if you have any issues using the new system. We are always available for your questions anytime, just reply to this email!

Delivery, Shipping, and Local Pick up will be available.

Happy Shopping!

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Availability & Updates!

Yes, our last availability for 2021! Another exceptional year, thank you to all our customers! Shipping is now finished for this year. Pickup and delivery still available.

Not sure what to buy the fruit lover? Then Gift Certificates are the obvious choice! Starting at $25.00 [to any amount you chose], they never expire and can be put toward any service or product. Email to purchase.

It’s coming!! Pre-order list for 2022 will be available at end of October. Make sure you are signed up to our mailing list to not miss out, it’s going to be great!