For Sale: 1 Lt - $50
Sunlight: Part to FullGrowth Rate: VigorousDrought Tolerance: No
Full Size (WxH): ?m x 1.5mIdeal Min Temp: Min Temp Tolerated: 4'C (39'F)
Fruit Colour: N/AHarvest: FallYear(s) to bear fruit: 1
Prop. Method: Division/TCFertility: N/AChill Hours Required: None
Description: Yacon is one of the most extraordinary plants of the Andes. This spectacular plant is related to the sunflower & grows very similar. It is also called "Pear of the Earth" because it’s tubers are a delicious flavour that resembles a blend of watermelon, apple, & pear. It is very juicy and crisp and can be eaten raw or cooked. Highly recommended, fun to grow for a fall harvest.

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