Care of Black Pepper (Evergreen)

It prefers hot, humid and tropical climates and cannot tolerate temperatures below 15’C-60′ F. Grow black pepper in a container and overwinter it indoors or in a greenhouse.

You’ll want to grow it in partial shade, with dappled sun light on a trellis or similar support structure on which the vines may climb. Indoors, it may work in a hanging planter with the vines draping down toward the floor, which may reach about 15 feet long.

Black pepper needs rich soil that drains easily. A fertile potting mix works great. Soil pH is optimal at 5.5-7.0. Keep the soil constantly moist for good results. Mist regularly with a spray bottle to keep a humid environment. No need to keep the soil sopping wet but don’t let it completely dry out between each watering either.

Fertilize house plants every four weeks.

Peppercorns can sometimes be harvested starting about one year after planting, but most will take 3 to 4 years to develop. First, flowers will appear throughout the spring and summer. Fruit will begin to form shortly after in clusters. They will ripen from green to red and can be harvested at these different stages. Most gardeners will harvest peppercorns when they begin to turn red. Dry peppercorns in the sun for about three days. They should turn black when completely dry. Grind them up to make black pepper.

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