Pre-order FAQ

Please take a moment to read through our FAQ. If you do not see the answer to your question below, please contact us anytime!

When you are ready to reserve you plants, you can do so through the online order form HERE

Q: When does the Pre-Order close?
A: Pre-orders will be open until midnight (local time) February 29, 2024. As we approach the end of February, reminders will be provided via email newsletter and on Social Media.

Q: What is the last day I can place an order for cross-Canada delivery?
A: We will be accepting cross-Canada delivery orders until April 30, 2024.

Q: When do I pay for my pre-order?
A: A 50% deposit equal to the pre-tax plant cost is due within 7 business days after placing your pre-order. We will start contacting individuals in March to collect the remaining balance. Deliveries are expected to begin May 20th, 2024.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept payment via e-transfer and credit-card for delivery and ship orders. Cash and debit are additional options for those who pickup their orders. The 50% deposit will be via e-transfer or credit-card only. If you are not able to pay by e-transfer or credit-card, please contact Customer Service to work out other arrangements.

Q: When can I pickup my pre-order?
A: Pick-ups will be arranged by appointment starting Saturday May 18th. We are starting the season with appointments to avoid having excessive traffic all at once. We will keep you informed should there be any delays due to plant quality or mother nature.

Q: When will pre-orders be shipped/delivered?
A:Deliveries and postal shipping will begin mid-May, based on plant readiness. We are planning our first east coast delivery run for the week of May 20th and our big west coast run for the week of May 27th. All plants for B.C. will be sent out before mid June due to the Japanese beetle regulations. Delivery schedules will be announced via email newsletter and on Social Media.

Q: Am I able to change whether I want to pickup my order or have it shipped/delivered?
A: Yes. Simply contact Customer Service with the requested change.

Q: Am I able to add or make changes to my order?
A: Yes. If you are adding to an existing order, create a new order and leave the original order # in the comments section along with a note to add to the order. Or you simply contact Customer Service with the requested change.

Q: How are you handling the cross-Canada delivery this year?

  • Eastern Deliveries: Deliveries to eastern Ontario and the provinces east of Ontario will again be delivered to your door (or other address specified) via our delivery van.
  • Western Deliveries: For deliveries to north-western Ontario and the provinces west of Ontario we will be delivering to a drop-off location, usually in the major city/cities of your province.  Depending on the geographic location of received orders, a spot along the trans-Canada highway may be picked instead.
  • BC Deliveries: All orders will be delivered to a single drop-off point at Phoenix Perennials, 3380 No 6 Rd, Richmond, BC V6V 1P5. We are glad to have this partner to drastically reduce the cost of bringing our plants to BC. Shipping via third party courier/parcel service can be arranged from there for an additional fee.
  • To Door delivery on Western orders: For those who would rather have their order delivered to their house (or other specific location), we can do so at an additional fee. The fee will be calculated at a rate of $4 per kilometre of detour, from our route to the requested address. The $4/km covers the return mileage for us to get back to our route as well. Example: delivery to a location 10km off of our route would cost an additional $40.

Q: Why is your western delivery less expensive this year?
A: Through working with new partners, we are able to have a return truck load, thereby bearing the cost of the return trip ourselves.

Q: How do you come up with the estimated delivery/shipping fee?
A: The Canada Post shipping fee is obtained from Canada Post directly, using the box size & weight values applicable for the plants ordered, sent via Xpresspost. The fee for delivery via our climate controlled vehicle is based on the amount of space the ordered plants will occupy on our delivery vehicle and the distance to the delivery location.

Q: Is there a shipping or delivery discount for larger orders?
A: Yes for east coast and Ontario/Quebec orders. Our western deliveries are already as low as we can make them.

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum order size for cross-Canada delivery?
A: A minimum of 2 “units worth of space” must be occupied by the plants ordered. For reference, most of our 2 gallon plants would occupy “1 unit of space” & most of our 3 gallon plants occupy “2 units” worth. There is no maximum order size (subject to available quantities). Due to government regulations, the largest potted plant size we are able to deliver to B.C. is 5 gallon.

Q: Why is shipping via Canada Post only an option for plants in 1 gallon and smaller pots?
A: In order for the plants to arrive in good condition, and the costs involved, we will only ship plants via Canada Post in pot sizes of 1 gallon or less this year. Larger pot sizes will be delivered directly by Tropic of Canada.

Q: What guarantee do you offer on your plants?
A: We guarantee that the plants are healthy when they are shipped/delivered/picked up. Shipping via Canada Post is at the clients risk. If you have any questions regarding the condition of your received plants, or their general care & well-being, please contact Customer Service and we will happily respond to your query.

Q: Are you getting in varieties that are not listed on the pre-order page?
A: We are always adding to our inventory as we find new suppliers to work with. Stay tuned with via our email newsletter and Social Media. If you are interested in a variety not currently listed, please contact Customer Service and we will provide a specific update/response. We are always happy to look into requests.

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