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Sunlight: FullGrowth Rate: VigorousDrought Tolerance: No
Full Size (WxH): 10m x 6mIdeal Min Temp: 15'C (59'F)Min Temp Tolerated: 10'C (50'F)
Fruit Colour: GreenHarvest: Summer-FallYear(s) to bear fruit: 1-3
Prop. Method: Air LayerFertility: Self, better with second varietyChill Hours Required: None
Description: The fruit mature at its starchy peak. Perfect for frying or stewing. "You can eat breadfruit at any stage," says Ragone, who heads the national tropical botanical garden's breadfruit institute. "When it's small and green, it tastes like an artichoke. When it's starchy and mature, it's the equivalent of a potato. When it's soft and ripe, it's dessert." A traditional staple in Hawaii, breadfruit is sometimes called the tree potato, for its potato-like consistency when cooked. Except breadfruit has higher-quality protein and packs a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals. That's why Ragone has spent years trying to cultivate this nutrient-rich staple for poorer, tropical parts of the world, where the majority of the world's hungriest people live. Breadfruit offers several advantages over other staples. A single tree yields an average of 250 fruit a year.

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