Vanilla Lovers Rejoice!

Vanilla Lovers Rejoice!
Last year we were able to acquire a single stock plant of the yellow variegated variety of vanilla (Planifolia variegata). It takes time to grow, and propagate these beautiful plants, but we had a few available through the pre-order, and they were reserved in record time! Lizz has been scouring the internet, looking for sellers, so that we could have more of these beautiful plants available. We are happy to report we found a seller, and new stock plants have arrived! It will of course take time to establish them, but with the increase in stock plants, there will hopefully be less down time between production and client demand.
We thought this would be an excellent opportunity to showcase the difference between traditional stock plants that are currently available to the Canadian market, and the plants that you receive when you purchase from us. As with our original stock plant, as well as the ones we just received, the plant on the right is typically what you get. A small plant, shipped in moss, but not established. Often a fresh cutting. The plant on the left in the black pot, is what you get if you purchase from us; a healthy, strong plant, that is well established, with bright colours and growing vigorously.
Under Keith’s experience, and wonderful plant care, these new stock plants will soon thrive, and we hope to add them to the availability reservation list soon!
P.S. We might have a few new varieties of vanilla in the works too!

We’d Like Your Feedback!

We are in the process of updating our website, and making things more integrated, and streamlined. Now is the perfect time to hear from you, our clients! What would you like to see? While we can’t promise to incorporate all your ideas, it’s very important that our website is comprehensive and easy to use. So, if you have a moment to send us some feedback, we’re all ears!

Import Update: Lychee Plants

Shortly after sending out our spring list we received an update from our Florida growers; Lychee plants are currently under quarantine due to a mite issue, and will not be available until further notice. We very much apologize for this last minute change, but unfortunately it is out of our control. We will be monitoring the situation, and hope to be able to have them available again in the future, once the situation in Florida has been resolved.

It’s Ready! View The Spring 2022 Availability List Now!

It’s Ready!

We’ve tallied the numbers, looked at our available space, and compiled the spring on hand availability list. These plants are available for reservation, and will be ready mid to late May for pick up or delivery. Before you ask: YES! Pre-Order Clients, you can still add to your orders! The cut-off date to do so is Saturday, May 14th. The new list reflects the current 2022 pricing, and your additional items will be invoiced accordingly. Adding to your order may increase your delivery fee as well, we’ll let you know. For deliveries outside of the 4hr local boundaries, individual arrangements will be made. Happy shopping!

Reserve Your Plants HERE!

Yes, Bigger Sizes Are Now Available!

Another advantage of now having our own truck; we can also pick up from growers south of the border ourselves! This allows us to have greater control over the costs of transport, as well as ensuring the plants receive the care they need on transport to arrive in good condition. Hence, we can now bring in those larger sizes you keep asking for! Check out the 4gal Persimmon in the above photo. Save yourself a few years of growing by purchasing a well established, larger plant and enjoy your bounty sooner!

Spring 2022 Pre-Orders Now Closed

Pre-Order Availability Spring 2022

***Pre-orders are now closed.***

Thank you to the hundreds of clients who have sent in their pre-order reservations. We are working through the long list to send out deposit and delivery costs. Thank you for your patience.

This seasons catalogue and price list will be available from/on Friday April 15th. Watch your inbox!