Garden Diary Update, With Lots of Photos!

Passed mid Summers day and now it finally warms and dries up. This cold and very wet Spring here met one of the most beautiful garden full of blossoms and won. Yes, despite having our resident Bees within just yards of springs bounty, blossom opening seemed to be perfectly timed to a really cold morning, or day after day of rain. So in the Garden there are winners and losers. Most Apples varieties were covered in blossoms, but only a few fruit are hanging around.

Same can be said for most Prunus, with only Halls Hardy Almond bearing swelling fruits. Apricot, Peach, Plum, Nectarines, and Cherries were affected by the cold wet mornings, blossoms never visited by pollinators or had incomplete styles due to cold.

So yet again, through all the weather Asian pears triumphed, with this year European Pears a close second. All our berry varieties are doing really well, so from Blue Berries to Strawberries, and Currants to Gooseberry we will have plenty to share.

Now, not all plants did well this Winter. One Halls Hardy Almond died down to just over the graft, as did Apple Kentish Fillbasket. Both of these have strong new growth that will replace the lost tops. It will just mean they are a couple of years behind the rest. Apricot Moorpark has just died, not a spark of life.
Now these three trees grew very well last year, no stress apparent going into Fall. No Fungus or insect damage then or now. What we do have is water stress from this Springs persistent high water table. So root damage caused by drowning. Two Asian Pears Shinko and Ping Guo Li are still struggling to find vigour, but are hanging in there.

Four weeks later than last year we managed to get the Vegetable garden in, it’s late but coming on strong. So far Broccoli, Lettuce, Peas, Carrots and Radish have been harvested. First Bush Beans tomorrow and greenhouse Cucumber by the end of the week, Tomato will be 3 weeks yet. Pole beans just starting to blossom, Leeks and Celery growing well. Fourth crop of Lettuce should be planted this weekend.

Always something to do, always a new challenge, always something to enjoy. Is Gardening not wonderful? Yes, even on cold, wet days, we are thinking of the next variety to try. Life is a growing dream.

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