Updated Price List July 22, 2018

Our plants are growing, and potting up! Larger sizes now available.

Our citrus plants have now sold out for the season. Thank you to everyone who purchased citrus this year! Keep an eye out for our 2019 pre-order early next year. 

Garden Update July 22, 2018

As the pictures show the first round of garden crops are over. Happy to say we have enough Peas, Broccoli, Yellow and Green beans for the next 12 months in the freezer. With the excess going to friends and neighbours over the last three weeks. Greenhouse Cucumbers and Tomatoes are in full swing, with the garden crop catching up fast.

Just sowed the 2nd crop of Cucumbers for the greenhouse. 2nd crop of garden beans, both Yellow & green came through after only three days. Peas though are struggling with the soil temperature being 27’C. We use the old Pea haulm to shade, cool and help keep moist the newly sown row of peas, but with air temperature this year daily over 30’C not working so well.

Finally overnight our 23 days without any measurable rain has come to an end, .46″ with more as I am writing this. If we get an inch plus then I will get a break from garden watering.

Hard fruit that managed to set, are starting to swell and the rain should help swell the fall raspberry crop. Blueberries are ripening well as are strawberries. Will have to watch the Melons in case they split with the sudden drenching.

We have full season crops of Leek, Carrot and two rows of Potatoes, plus 5 Pole Bean columns in the main garden patch. Which for everyone’s info is 26′ x 26′.

Happy Harvests.

Enter To Win!!


Tell us what is pictured here in this photo and you could win a 2GAL Musa(Banana) of your choice from the 4 offered types (Dwarf Green, Dwarf Iholena, Dwarf Orinoco, Lacatan).

Be specific! Email your answer to: All correct answers will be put in a drawing for the free banana plant! Draw to be held July 31st. Winner to pick up. Delivery can be arranged with our usual minimum order and delivery requirements. Good luck!

July 3rd 2018 Garden Update

Well, 2 inches of rain to end the month, with highs in the 30’s. The garden at Tropic of Canada is certainly feeling tropical. Fruits, roots and berries really swelling; harvesting is well under way. With the continuing heat it is probably just as well, saving us having to water every other day. When the broccoli harvest is finished, we will be sowing bush beans, green & gold types. Two more rows of peas, trying variety Perfect Arrow/Grundy from William Dam seeds. We thank everyone who has visited us this spring. It has been very interesting hearing and sharing different ideas with garden and plant enthusiasts. We look forward to this continuing throughout the summer and fall.