And Our Third Big Announcement For 2022 Is….

From 2017 to 2022

Michelle & Keith started Tropic of Canada 5 years ago, with the goal of seeing just how many different fruit varieties they could grow here in Ontario, with just 1/3rd acre of land. Fast forward to today, and ToC has grown far beyond our garden, and spread to gardeners, and plant enthusiasts across Canada!

It is with this growth that we are excited to announce that the next generation of Wilson’s are preparing to take the helm! Phillip, and Stephanie have stepped up to take over Tropic of Canada, and are diving in head first. 2023 will be the first season under their guidance, and they will be working along side Michelle and Keith as they learn ropes. Third generation Lucian and Lilith will be right there with them, ready to learn and keep ToC going for years to come!

Phillip and Stephanie may be familiar faces to those of you who received cross-Canada orders this past season. And they look forward to seeing you again in 2023! Lizz will continue with the local deliveries, and managing events, and social media. And Ed has stepped on board to manage our website, and designed our new order system, saving Michelle many hand written notes!

Phillip and Stephanie will head up our new Rodney location, with Keith and Michelle continuing to support, and of course looking after our Wainfleet location. We are proud to be a family based, small business here in Ontario, and will continue to hold true to those values, as we expand. Please join me in welcoming Phillip and Stephanie into their new roles!

First BIG Announcement of 2022!

We’re Excited!

The first of 3 big announcements to end 2022; We have acquired a larger property! This stunning 43 acre location will serve as our main production location in the near future. As you can see, there is a lot to be done before this transition takes place.

There are 6 acres cleared at the front which will soon be home to new greenhouses, and growing spaces. We hope to have the first stage complete by the end of January.

The completion of the new greenhouses will allow us to bring in more varieties, and higher stock quantities, so that we can meet your order demand. We are also working towards the goal of self-propagation, and moving away from relying on importing. This will also allow us to have greater quality control over the plants we provide for you, and less environmental shock for the plants, as they will be grown right here in Ontario!

Our new location has taken us to the small town of Rodney, Ontario, just under an hour west of London, along the 401. Classified as growing zone 6b, we look forward to the new challenges of growing our tropical food plants here in the Canadian climate.

Fear not! Our Wainfleet location will still be there, and available for local pick up orders. However our new base of operations will allow us to offer regular business hours once up and running, and will become our main point of contact.

We hope you are excited as we are at this new opportunity and the growth it brings. Look forward to development updates!

It’s Almost Ready!

We know you are eager for our 2023 Pre-Order list, and we promise, it’s coming! We have a few BIG announcements, that we think will make it worth waiting for. And we can definitely say, we are excited for 2023!

We can confirm that we have plants coming from the following suppliers: AgriStartsEverglades FarmPine Island Nursery, and Tropical Acres FarmsA couple confirmations are still pending. 

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