Week 9 Garden Update

Tomato Defiant (in Photo) plants are cuttings from last years plant. The stump had thrown up these two shoots, so we decided to root them. This works with all types of tomatoes. Take shoots that are not truss shoots from lower down the plant during season. Root them for a late crop. If it’s a damp, cool year, only use those varieties that are resistant to early and late blight. We have found Defiant works well in the garden or in a protected environment.

Also sown this week: Tomatoes Cobra for greenhouse; we keep to single stem, Mountain Magic for outside, Mountain Merit for outside and Siderno for pots. Lettuce Larissa, (short day type) therefore winter season only. Grow cool under short days or will bolt.

When you buy your seed, there is always more than you need at any one time. If you need 4 plants and have 2 varieties, then sow no more than 3 of each. Pick the best two and discard the third (or give to friend). When sown, roll end of packet over and place in a plastic lunch bag (with all other left over seed), seal and place in your fridge door. Do not freeze seed, as this can lead to desiccation. We have kept seed up to 10 years with little fall off in germination %.

February brought us 1/3rd more moisture than average, so the garden is up to capacity. Itching now to start getting the ground prepared for first outdoor sowing’s.