Import Update: Lychee Plants

Shortly after sending out our spring list we received an update from our Florida growers; Lychee plants are currently under quarantine due to a mite issue, and will not be available until further notice. We very much apologize for this last minute change, but unfortunately it is out of our control. We will be monitoring the situation, and hope to be able to have them available again in the future, once the situation in Florida has been resolved.


Tropic of Canada is proud to bring you our latest collaboration. Pine Island Nursery, Florida, grow some of the most sort after species and varieties we have been asked to source. So, we have! Please look over the list; if enough people confirm their interest we will be very happy to go forward with our arrangement.

Plants will all be available in 3 gallon size containers (so yes, large). Please make note of the minimum temperatures required. Some of these plants will need a window each, so make sure you have enough room!

Our timing for shipping at this time will be May, depending on temperature.

Let your imagination grow as you look over the exotic list. Let us know what you would reserve, and we will take it from there! Email: