Garden Update August 6, 2018

We start the month with a week without a drop of rain, as July here only had 1.7″ well under the norm of 3+”. So three months in a row of deficit, and with intense sun makes for a lot of watering.

2nd re-sow of peas are through and growing nicely. Beans we sowed two weeks earlier are now showing blossoms. Carrots are getting nice and long, Leeks are thickening.

Pole beans are this year not performing well. We brought in Algarve due to it being advertised as good in high tunnels, Aintree as better than Scarlet Runner. All have been defeated by the heat, good early but have faded quickly.

Spraying BTK as a preventative, is certainly worth it, trust the image of re-growth where a small patch of tent caterpillars had occurred shows this nicely.

Garden fruits are filling out with our addition of 1/2″ water per week. Biggest problem even with three JB traps are the beetles. Their favourite food as always starts with Prunus, Rubus, then Apple-Malus. We have been drowning about 3-4 quarts of beetles per week, but do not seem to have made a dent in their numbers. Yes there is a control spray of Beneficial Nematodes,but we do not have the lawn area, that acreage belongs to are neighbours.

Summer is a wonderful time, enjoy the tropical weather with the right plants around you to always have something to enjoy and eat.