Orchard Blossoms on a Sunny Day

A Collection Of Photos Over The Past Week

A Gorgeous Sunny Day

Fall Fruit

Cooling down reminder

Yes it’s that time of year to bring your tender plants into their warm frost free winter quarters. Leave your hardier types outside until their leaves have all senesced. 

May 28, 2018 Update

So May almost gone, what a contrast with 2017. By the 27th May last year we had had 6″ of rain in May, so far this year less than 2″ with temperature today of 33’C. So yes, we have been watering to help the germination in the veg garden. So far so good, but with not much rain in the forecast the watering hose will be a much used piece of equipment. We use water from 3,000 gal rain water tanks.

We have been growing Ficus for quite a few years, this winter most of the varieties we had in the ‘cold’ greenhouse are not showing signs of growing. In the garden however eight of the eleven types are showing new buds, will keep a watch on the last three over the next two weeks. They are; Chicago Hardy, Yellow Long Neck and Little Ruby.

Most of the blossoming is now over, the next couple of weeks will show how much the wet and cool (at night) start to May has affected the setting of fruits. The most obvious thing missing this spring are Honey Bees. We have a medium sized Lilac in the front garden, by this time of year it is covered with Bees drinking in the nectar. Most days we can count the number of Bees in just a few seconds, when you have local Apiaries around as we have, this is not a good sign. We do have Mason Bees in the garden though, without honey Bees weather is very critical as shear numbers do matter in spring.

As Blossom time is mostly over, we have started our caterpillar (BTK as spray) and mite control (Neoseiulus Fallacis) in the orchard. Also Praying Mantis, Ladybug (both general predators), Lindorus Lophanthae (scale predator) and Delphastus Catalinae (white fly).

Harvesting from the cold greenhouse has started, Radish, Lettuce and Tomato. Sowing Radish and Lettuce every two weeks now until September.

Next garden sowings will be after the Broccoli is harvested, that will be third Pea crop and late Carrots. Second earthing up of Potatoes will be this week. Will be placing supports for climbing Beans this week. Planting out herbs that were earlier sown in pots.

Will know which trees in the orchard have not survived our last winter by mid June. We seem to have lost Apple, Apricot and Peach varieties. New plantings are mostly doing well, we have a couple of plants in pots due to poor spring growth. Just part of gardening and growing.

Garden and Plant Availability Update

Well Harris Citrus sent their usual excellent plants, and UPS did their normal, ‘we do not look at the arrows to see which way up to stack the boxes’. So we have plants a couple of weeks later than expected, which will therefore take a couple of weeks at least to shake off their travel creases.

With the good weather forecast ahead, they should be ready for pick-up or delivery mid to end of May. It seems we will have a few extra plants in 2GAL pots available, one of each (List available here). These are on a first contact, first booked basis. We will be notifying clients with pre-orders this coming week.

From the photo’s, the discerning persons out there will notice our Ficus plants have not yet shown signs of awakening out of dormancy. We therefore are putting on hold any early shipments until they shows signs of growth. Also, we will not take any more reservations for dormant plants.

We have had just under 5″ or 125 mm of mixed precipitation this month (average is 3″ or 75 mm) so it is a wonder we have been able to get the garden dug over and the first few crops in. Lots to follow this next week. Our next batch of garden plants have arrived from Whiffletree Farms. All now safely planted. Will post list this next week.

Oct 29th 2017 – week 44

Branches break if you have too much fruit (weight) per branch. Not all is lost when fruit is ripe!

Strawberries ripe for Halloween! First time for everything.

Warm weather with welcomed rain keeping things growing. Fresh herbs ready for drying, third crop this season (Lavender & Sage).