May 1st 2017

May 1st 2017, the 3rd year with our new garden. What a welcome! Rain and cold, gale force winds. Lots of blossom this year, so the windy, wet weather is not welcome at this time. In between the showers of late April we managed to have most of first crops sown in the Vegetable garden. So if they have not drowned, should be up by the middle of the month.

We have Tomatoes and Melons growing in pots ready to plant out after the full moon in May. All thirty new outside fruit trees are showing signs of waking up. The twenty new indoor citrus are growing and showing new blossoms. With all the good come the spring issues, so we will be getting whitefly predators to help, and using a spray containing B.T. to start the never ending fight with any type of caterpillars.