Star Anise

Illicium Verum
Height: 16ft
Zone: 7 – 10
A medium-sized evergreen tree native to northeast Vietnam and southwest China. A spice commonly called star anise, star anise seed, Chinese star anise or badiam that closely resembles anise in flavour is obtained from the star-shaped pericarp of the fruit. Within its area of natural distribution, there are two flowering and fruiting seasons annually. First flowering occurs in June with fruit maturing in May/June the following year. Another flowering follows shortly after the first with mature fruits produced in October-November the following year. Flowering starts at the age of 5-6 yrs. Seed production usually begins when the tree is 9-10 years old and continues for about 80 years. Good fruit crops are usually encountered every three years. Flowers large, bisexual, 1-1.5 cm in diameter, white-pink to red or greenish-yellow, axillary and solitary. Ideal Mean annual temperature: 12-18ºC. Prefers high light but tolerates shade when young. It should not be planted in soils generated from limestone; pH 4-6 and minimum humus content 2%.

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