Originally imported from Dr. Gregory Levin at the Garrigala agricultural station in Turkmenistan. The fruit is quite large and highly coloured in beautiful bright red. The arils are large and bright red with a very small, soft, edible seed. The fruit is of the highest quality. 100 to 200 chill hours. Self fertile. Also called Parfianka and Garnet Sash. Zone 7 – 10 (warm 6 perhaps).

Zone 7 – 10
Sunlight – Full sun to partial shade.
Growth rate – Slow.
Drought Tolerance – Good with established plants.
Harvest time – Fall.
Years to Bear Fruit – 1st Year.
Evergreen or Deciduous – Deciduous.
Chill Hours – 200. Dormant, deciduous types do not require light while dormant, and they must be kept cool (under 10’c-50’f) to keep from sprouting (growing). An unlit, ventilated garage that does not ‘freeze’ is ideal.

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