zone 7 – 10

A semi-dwarf variety that grows large and delectably delicious fruit with soft seed.

zone 6 – 9

A deciduous, most cold-hardy pomegranate tree. Produces beautiful red flowers in summer and large orange skinned with red arils delicious fruits in early fall. Perfect for juice, tea, and even desserts. Self-pollinating and dwarf-sized, so you don’t need much space. One of the healthiest fruits you can grow! Now, you can grow an endless supply of sweet, super-food! The toughest pomegranate variety, it has survived temperatures to -6F or -21C. It is native to the extremely cold regions of Russia/Afghanistan. Can be container grown indoors. Requires 200 chill hours.



zone 8 – 10

It has large, showy, double, orange-red flowers to 3 inches and very large (up to 5 inches wide), glossy, dark red to purple-red fruit. These fruit have red arils with a sweet-tart flavor and small, medium soft seeds. These are very juicy with the juice being dark red and staining. Deciduous it requires 150 chilling hours and bears in late summer to early fall. Discovered around 1896. Can be container grown indoors or bonsai.