Most highly sought after Hawaiian variety. The white fleshed fruit is ultra sweet, with very low acidity. The core is 100% edible too! The beautiful blue grey leaves are spineless which makes handling much more enjoyable. Best suited for backyard gardens. ‘White Jade’ will produce a tasty reward far better than anything found in the grocery store for those who plant them.

Zone 9 – 11
Sunlight – Full Sun, Partial Sun.
Growth rate – Fast.
Drought tolerance – Great.
Harvest time – various.
Years to bear fruit – Fruits 1st or 2nd Year!
Fruit colour – Green to Yellow.
Evergreen or Deciduous – Evergreen.
Chill hours – We recommend all plants are given natural cycles of lower temps and shorter days for their blossom timings and maturity. Plants kept at constant temps and light levels can live for years without ever blossoming. To receive adequate light in the winter months, evergreen plants must be as close to a window as possible. North, East, South, or West is unimportant.

Pineapple, it’s drought-tolerant… not picky about soil… and it likes sun or shade. Water heart cone with dilute feed, and allow to overflow into leaf pockets. They love containers, just bring them indoors when the temperatures get down to freezing, where they will liven up your home. It is a perennial plant, so you can enjoy its colourful beauty year after year. From the heart of the plant arises a slender whorl of up to 200 purple-red blooms. As the flowers fade, they set berries which then combine to produce a luscious pineapple. The growth stages are fascinating to watch. Plant in groups of three, for a stunning effect.
To grow from tops;- allow to dry in sun for one week, any remaining flesh should dry-up and easily be removed. Stand up-right in pot of soil, fill roset with water, place in sunny location. Side shoots on mother plant should be removed and placed in separate pots for best results.



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