Ananas are easy to grow, drought tolerant plants. Although they are not very cold tolerant they can be overwintered indoors as a house plant. The plants will fruit in a container. All self-fertile.


zone 9 -11

Bred for Florida pineapple production by Libby fruit company. Florida Special Pineapple produces a golden-fleshed fruit with great flavor. Ripening fruit has shown to take temperatures down to the mid 30’s without internal damage. Leaves are spineless!


zone 9 – 11

A Hawaiian variety, this cultivar produces 5-6 lb pineapples with pale yellow flesh. The fruit has high sugar and acid content.


zone 9 – 11

Like eating honey! Sometimes called White Sugarloaf or Kona Sugar Loaf, this pineapple variety has smooth leaves and an edible core. Fruit is white with a high sugar content, but low acid.


zone 9 – 11

Most highly sought after Hawaiian variety. The white fleshed fruit is ultra sweet, with very low acidity. The core is 100% edible too! The beautiful blue grey leaves are spineless which makes handling much more enjoyable. Best suited for backyard gardens. ‘White Jade’ will produce a tasty reward far better than anything found in the grocery store for those who plant them.



zone 9 – 11

Pineapple ‘Elite Gold’ produces a beautiful gold colour, both inside and out. This bromeliad is as lovely as it is useful. Forming a rosette of long, stiff leaves 3′ feet tall and 3-4′ wide. The leaves are a deep blue-green and very symmetrical. From the centre of the plant arise the flowers, with up to 200 light-purple to deep-red blooms held in a tall whorl. Eventually the flowers set berries, which join together to produce the fruit. It has a very high sugars-to-acids ratio, making it super-sweet and delicious. The fruit will generally ripen sometime between May and September.