Grows indoors or out! Tolerating cold temperatures down to 20°F/-6°C. Just pot them up in a container and bring them indoors during the harshest weeks of winter. Some people grow Arbequina indoors all year-round, as an unusual house or office plant. They are easy to prune to a manageable size when grown in containers. These olive trees are semi-deciduous, meaning they only drop their leaves in extreme cold. Container grown indoors, they keep all their leaves throughout the winter time. Arbequina are self-pollinating, so you only need one to produce fruit. Olive trees have become a universal symbol for health and peace.

Zone 7 – 9
Sunlight – Full Sun.
Growth rate – Moderate.
Drought Tolerance – Good.
Harvest time – October – November.
Years to Bear Fruit – 0-1 years.
Fruit Colour – Black.
Evergreen or Deciduous – Semi-deciduous.
Chill Hours – 200-300. Dormant, deciduous types do not require light while dormant, and they must be kept cool (under 10’c-50’f) to keep from sprouting (growing). An unlit, ventilated garage that does not ‘freeze’ is ideal.

Bring a taste of the Mediterranean into your home. This variety is revered as both a table olive – for its mild, buttery and lightly fruity flavour – as well as an oil olive, for one of the highest concentrations of healthy, antioxidant-rich oils. Even a small tree can produce 20lbs (8kgs) of olives. Tasty fruit and gorgeous gray-green foliage will evoke the rolling Spanish landscapes where this variety is widely grown. Olives hang well on the tree and ripen at different intervals. Drought and heat tolerant, and pest-resistant. Ripens starting in November. Self-pollinating. Can be kept smaller by pruning. If you live in a cooler climate, plant these warm-weather plants in containers so that you can move them indoors before freezing temperatures arrive. Semi-deciduous, meaning they will drop leaves in extreme cold. Need 200-300 chill hrs (below 50’F 10’C) for best fruiting.


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