Easy-to-grow, this abundant producer of sweet and luscious, medium-sized fruit has performed exceptionally well in pots yielding several crops per year, even during the first season. It is best to pick the fruit ripe, as it does not ripen after picking. When not devoured fresh they are ideal in jams, wine and pies. If grown in pots, they are continuous producers, cycling in and out of flower and fruit when given warm temperatures and adequate light. They can be kept under 2’ with moderate pruning. In the ground, they turn into a large bush. Mulberries are known for their immune system enhancing benefits and are thought to improve eyesight. Also, they are disease and insect resistant.

Zone 5 – 11
Sunlight – Full, Partial Sun. Make sure the roots are shaded.
Growth rate – Quick.
Drought Tolerance – Moderate.
Harvest time – Summer.
Years to Bear Fruit – 1st Year.
Evergreen or Deciduous – Deciduous
Chill Hours – 150. Dormant, deciduous types do not require light while dormant, and they must be kept cool (under 10’c-50’f) to keep from sprouting (growing). An unlit, ventilated garage that does not ‘freeze’ is ideal.

Deciduous, this mulberry has a very low chill factor 150 hrs. Pruning after fruiting, encourages multiply cropping throughout the summer. Container grown plants need to be kept moist and fed regularly .Tops in sun, roots shaded. It is best to pick the fruit when ripe, as it doesn’t ripen further off the tree. A benefit of a mulberry tree is that the fruit can ripen over an extended period of time unlike other fruit that often ripen all at once. The fruits of the black mulberry, considered the tastiest and most versatile of the mulberries are large and juicy with a good balance of sweetness and tartness. The fruit of the dwarf black mulberry is the same as that on the large black mulberry that we all know and love. The fruit is large, resembling a blackberry, sweet and luscious. When not devoured fresh it is ideal to use in jams, wines and mulberry pies. 



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