Considered to be one of the best guavas for the home garden. This highly productive cultivar produces some of the largest and sweetest pear-shaped fruit, yellow skinned and with thick, pink flesh. Lower in pectin than other varieties, this variety is superior for eating out-of-hand or processing into juice. Very reliable, heavy producer. Will fruit in container.

Zone 9 – 11
Sunlight – Full Sun.
Growth rate – Moderate.
Drought Tolerance – Good with established plants, but better crop with regular watering.
Harvest time – dependent on variety.
Years to Bear Fruit – 1st Year.
Evergreen or Deciduous – Evergreen
Chill Hours – We recommend all plants are given natural cycles of lower temps and shorter days for their blossom timings and maturity. Plants kept at constant temps and light levels can live for years without ever blossoming. To receive adequate light in the winter months, evergreen plants must be as close to a window as possible. North, East, South, or West is unimportant.

Currently not available.


This beautiful, tropical tree adds a unique touch to any landscape. Originating in Mexico and Central America, the tree has dark green, oval leaves and produces an array of stunning white and yellow flowers throughout the summer months. These Guava will grow to a height of 6-8 feet. Unpruned trees will flower during October. Trees that have been pruned will usually flower 10-12 weeks after pruning. The flowers are self fertile. The tree is drought tolerant, but will produce more fruit if watered and fed regularly. It will easily adapt to most soil conditions and enjoys full sunlight. Guavas thrive in areas with hot summers and cool winters, and can tolerate temperatures up to 110’F/ 44’C.  The guava fruit is round to pear-shaped and can grow between 2-4 inches long. When ripe the rind softens and is edible. The inner flesh creamy white in colour and has a soft, pulpy texture. The fruit have a delicious sweet flavour and pleasant aroma. No chill hours required means in warmer climates or indoors, the fruit will ripen year-round, but it may be picked while green and allowed to ripen at room temperature.  Mature green fruit will stay fresh for up to five weeks in a temperature between 46° – 50° F. You can speed up the ripening process by placing the guava in a brown paper bag along with an apple or banana. Once the fruit begins to ripen it will change colour


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