White/Yellow/Green Figs


Zone 7 – 10

A large, sweet, high quality, delicious, greenish yellow fig with rich, reddish purple flesh. This San Pedro type cultivar has a very good breba crop (first crop), the second crop is not as good in quality as the first. The pulp is sweet and delicious either fresh or dried. This particular cultivar should not be pruned severely. This highly vigorous tree originated in Madera, California around 1920. One of the best for container growing.


zone 7 – 11

An excellent, medium sized, sweet, green to greenish yellow, thin skinned fig with red flesh that resembles a strawberry when peeled. These are especially attractive when used in a fruit salad. Recommended for areas with short summers. This cultivar offers much to the home gardener. It is small in ultimate size, so even small yards can contain one without difficulty. It bears from mid-season till late in the season to extend the harvest and the quality is excellent. The figs possess a fine, excellent flavour either fresh or dried. Due to its fairly well closed, small eye, they are resistant to spoilage by either weather or insects. Originally from Spain, it makes a small tree when mature and is one of the best to grow in containers.


Zone 7 – 10

A very big, sweet, long bearing, lemon green fig with honey coloured flesh. It is excellent during dry harvest seasons but will have some spoilage during exceptionally wet or humid weather. It is very good dried or for eating fresh and when the fruit is “right”, it is unsurpassed! Produces an abundance of fruit twice a year. A great selection for container culture too.


Zone 7 – 11

Everything is bigger in Texas, so they say. This Fig follows that by producing a good, large, (sometimes 2” in diameter) sweet, brownish – yellow, bell shaped fig with a long fruiting season. The flesh is strawberry coloured, nearly seedless and delicious. It bears at an early age and gives a good crop even in cool, short summers. The second crop matures early and is even heavier than the first. The tree is very hardy and even if frozen to the ground, it will usually bear on the new sprouts that same year. Stays shorter in containers, a great feature for patio edibles.


Zone 7 – 11

A fairly hardy, large, lemon coloured, thin skinned fig with tender, white to light amber flesh. They are very sweet and have a high sugar content. An old (pre 1769) reliable variety, this fig is excellent in all respects and a favourite of Thomas Jefferson. Produces a small breba crop. The will split if watered too much while ripe. This slow growing, dense tree is well adapted to containers.


Zone 7 – 10a

Currently not available.

A very delicious fig, superior to the Ischias and Celeste. Medium to large, short stalk and long neck. The skin is thin, tender and bright yellow in colour. Yellow Long Neck Figs are honey sweet in flavour. Best eaten right off the tree but if allowed to make it to the kitchen the fruit will make a stupendous jam or pie. Vigorous and productive it can be grown in a large container. Will produce in the same year that the wood has been killed to the ground by a hard winter.


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