Purple/Violet/Black Figs


Zone 6b-10

Medium sized with outstanding, distinct sweet flavour; excellent either fresh or dried. Has a reddish pink interior and a violet skin. Rated to zone 7 and potentially to zone 6, so many homes can enjoy growing this cultivar outdoors year round.


Zone 7 – 11

One of the most well known figs in cultivation (since 1769). It is known for its blackish-purple skin with a strawberry coloured centre. ‘Black Mission’ Fig has a wonderful flavour that is very distinct. These delicious, high sugar figs are superb either fresh or dried. Also good for canning. ‘Black Mission’ produces a heavy first crop (breba) in early summer and then its main crop in Fall. This fig is a very vigorous grower.


Zone 6- 10

Currently not available.

Considered one of the hardiest edible figs, Chicago Hardy can be grown in zone 6, and has been known to survive in zone 5 microclimates, if given heavy mulch protection when dormant through the winter months. Stems that die back will regrow in the spring and produce fruit on the new wood. It can also be container grown and brought indoors to a cool room or garage for overwintering. A medium-sized fruit with light brown to deep purple skin, with a sweet, pink flesh. It ripens in late summer to early fall.


Zone 7 -9

Extremely large fruit, Purple skinned. Easy to grow. An Italian fig, add this rare variety to your collection and bring delicious, sweet flavour to your kitchen! Does not tolerate excessively wet soil, but needs ample moisture during fruiting.


Zone 6 – 10

This variety won the Retailers’ Choice Award at the 2014 Far-West Show! ‘Olympian’ is a ultra cold hardy fig & absolutely delicious. This fig produces very sweet fruits with thin purple skin with a red to violet flesh. A unique heirloom variety, good size for container growing. If pruning is necessary, do after harvest.


Zone 6 – 10

Discovered about 1680 in Versailles (thought to be originally from Spain), this hardy cultivar produces large, almost black fruit with very deep red pulp. The flavor is rich and delightfully sweet. Producing two crops per year; breba fruit are pyriform with thick, tapering necks, the main crop fruit are spherical often without necks. Excellent fresh or dried but probably needs heat to develop the best flavour. This dwarf and prolific cultivar is considered by some to be the very best tasting fig around.


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