An excellent, medium sized, sweet, green to greenish yellow, thin skinned fig with red flesh that resembles a strawberry when peeled. These are especially attractive when used in a fruit salad. Recommended for areas with short summers. This cultivar offers much to the home gardener. It is small in ultimate size, so even small yards can contain one without difficulty. It bears from mid-season till late in the season to extend the harvest and the quality is excellent. The figs possess a fine, excellent flavour either fresh or dried. Due to its fairly well closed, small eye, they are resistant to spoilage by either weather or insects. Originally from Spain, it makes a small tree when mature and is one of the best to grow in containers.

Zone 7-11
Height –
4 – 10ft

Sunlight – Full, Partial Sun.
Growth rate – Moderate.
Drought Tolerance – Good with established plants.
Harvest time – dependent on variety.
Years to Bear Fruit – 1st Year! Hint: Never pick your figs green, and always let them ripen fully on the tree before picking for the sweetest and richest flavour.
Evergreen or Deciduous – Deciduous
Chill Hours – 100. Start hours after leaves have senesced and fallen off. Dormant, deciduous types do not require light while dormant, and they must be kept cool (under 10’c-50’f) to keep from sprouting (growing). An unlit, ventilated garage that does not ‘freeze’ is ideal.

Ficus Ischia

Figs make a welcome addition to home container gardens and landscapes. They can be container grown as a tree or pruned and grown as a bush. They fruit on the current year’s growth. This allows the plant to fruit even if it froze to the ground during winter months. These are all self-pollinating varieties. Fruit can be eaten out of hand, dried, baked, frozen, and used in preserves.


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