Considered one of the hardiest edible figs, Chicago Hardy can be grown in zone 6, and has been known to survive in zone 5 microclimates, if given heavy mulch protection when dormant through the winter months. Stems that die back will regrow in the spring and produce fruit on the new wood. It can also be container grown and brought indoors to a cool room or garage for overwintering. A medium-sized fruit with light brown to deep purple skin, with a sweet, pink flesh. It ripens in late summer to early fall.

Also know as: Bensonhurst Purple Fig

Zone 6 – 10
10 – 20ft

Sunlight – Full, Partial Sun.
Growth rate – Moderate.
Drought Tolerance – Good with established plants.
Harvest time – dependent on variety.
Years to Bear Fruit – 1st Year! Hint: Never pick your figs green, and always let them ripen fully on the tree before picking for the sweetest and richest flavour.
Evergreen or Deciduous – Deciduous
Chill Hours – 100. Start hours after leaves have senesced and fallen off. Dormant, deciduous types do not require light while dormant, and they must be kept cool (under 10’c-50’f) to keep from sprouting (growing). An unlit, ventilated garage that does not ‘freeze’ is ideal.

Currently not available.

Ficus Chicago Hardy

Figs make a welcome addition to home container gardens and landscapes. They can be container grown as a tree or pruned and grown as a bush. They fruit on the current year’s growth. This allows the plant to fruit even if it froze to the ground during winter months. These are all self-pollinating varieties. Fruit can be eaten out of hand, dried, baked, frozen, and used in preserves.


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