Updates: Availability, Shipping, and Delivery!

The last shipping week (Canada Post or UPS) for COLD sensitive plant types will be September 26-30th. If you have been thinking about a citrusy, tropical fruit Christmas, and you require shipping, now’s the time to order! Shipping is available within Ontario, and East across Canada. (Shipping for those West of Ontario will resume again next spring, due to regulations). Cold tolerant plants are available for shipping year-round, where not affected by regulation.

Delivery and pickup are always available! We would love to see you, and are continuing to schedule visits by appointment. There’s always something new to see when you drop by. Email us to set up your personal tour!

Our availability for September is out. View the new list HERE!

Plant Photo Update

Delicious Pineapple and Asian Pear

Garden & Availability Update

Everything is looking lush, and as such, another list update!! Only a few large bananas left. Check out the list here!

Availability List Update

New list is UP! Come on by and view the plants, looking lush with this summer heat. We are open by appointment, so please contact us to set up your personal tour! Also, a reminder to our clients west of Ontario that we cannot ship until Spring [April-May] 2022 due to regulations to prevent spread of Japanese Beetle. See you soon!