Oops, Let’s Clarify!

Delivery Charges

There has been some confusion with our update, and our ‘at no extra cost’ statement, in regards to the door to door delivery, over the local drop point delivery. We apologize for this confusion, and poor choice of wording.

The ‘at no extra cost’ refers to the previous additional cost, for the door to door delivery, over the base cost of the local drop point delivery. This was not intended to indicate free delivery.

Our delivery fee is calculated based on distance, and truck/van space allotment. A delivery estimate is provided when your reservation order is placed. Due to the demand for our cross-Canada delivery, we are now able to offer door to door service for most locations, with no additional cost, over and above the previous local drop point delivery charge. This saves you time, and gas, as we come right to you!

If you have any questions regarding your delivery estimate, please reach out to us anytime!

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