COVID-19 Update; How It Affects Our Spring Order

COVID-19 has thrown a wrench in much of the world’s day to day operations, and unfortunately our spring imports as as well. We have received the following message from Pine Island:

“We are doing well thank you for asking, it is a bit crazy here with Covid-19. We have stopped shipping out of the country as the ports and Canadian border has been closed. Some states have placed curfews in their cities. Not looking good to be honest.”

What this means: Our Spring plant orders will not be arriving as scheduled. It is not known at this time when the situation will be resolved. If this situation persists for an extended period of time, the plants we have ordered may not be sent, due to no longer being a ship-able size, or having been sold to other local nurseries in the USA. Anyone that has pre-booked a reservation/order will have their deposit refunded if required. We will keep you updated as news improves, and reach out should we be informed we are unable to fill your order. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. Thank you.