A tropical evergreen plant from South America that produces fruit one year after planting! Our varieties are all hermaphroditic and therefore do not need a separate plant to pollinate and produce fruit. They are dwarf or semi-dwarf plants. Papaya fruit is an excellent source of valuable health giving nutrients.


zone 9 – 11

First fruit sets when the plants are 36” (91 cm) tall. Fruits average 2.2 pounds (1 kg) each, and have sweet bright orange-red flesh.



zone 9 – 11

Exotic and deliciously edible, ‘TR Hovey’ is a dwarf habit papaya that was hybridized for hydroponic culture and is perfect for patio and home garden growing in pots. Papayas need sunny, warm growing conditions and the soil temperature needs to be 60°F or higher. ‘TR Hovey’ will grow quickly and produce ripe fruit in as little as one year’s time. Grow it inside in the winter and take it outside in the summer months. Fruit will start developing only 12” from the base of the plant.