Zone 8 – 11

Sizes Offered

6” Pot – $20.00

This tropical plant, loves plenty of heat and humidity. Though it may find a temporary home in a partially shady spot of your summer garden, pot/container culture is more practical for an extended growing period. The way to start ginger is to cut the root (rhizome) into 1- or 2-” sections but long enough to include several healthy-looking, well-developed growth buds. Let the cut ends callous over (dry out) a day or so, then plant just below the soil surface in fertile, well-drained soil. Water sparingly until top growth develops, otherwise the rhizome could rot. Once established, water heavily, fertilize monthly, and keep in a partially shaded location. Provided with adequate space, ginger can reach a height of 4′ with a 2- to 3-foot spread. Bring in before temperatures drop below 50 degrees F – 10’C. Rhizomes may rot in cold wet soil. Allow several months growth before harvesting to allow rhizomes to reach adequate size. With care, new sections may be harvested while allowing the remainder to continue growing.